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07 Oct,2022 04:52 PM, by: Posy Lui
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The fewer human activities in a place, the more sustainable it is for animals. Although Arunachal Pradesh is continuously driving towards the road to development, the region is still largely covered by forests and its wildlife creatures.

 This article will cover one of the most fascinating cold-blooded creatures that can be found thriving in the deep wilderness of Arunachal Pradesh - Snakes. Northeast India is home to around 110 species of snakes with Arunachal accounting for 55 of them. Let's begin by knowing some of them!

The Mock Viper (Psammodynastes pulverulentus)

The mock viper is a small species of snake that grows to a maximum length of 65 cm. When threatened, it will curl into protective coils and strike like a viper. Although it is a harmless, back-fanged species, it can still bite, which could lead to a terrible skin puncture wound from its sharp front teeth.

This Common Mock Viper can be found in a variety of altitudes, from low-lying forested areas to mountains with altitudes of up to 1600 m. It can be occasionally seen hanging from branches above water streams, concealing itself in the surrounding vegetation and likely seeking prey.

Crying Keelback
(Hebius Lacrima)