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SANGTI VALLEY: Arunachal Pradesh's Undiscovered Treasure

08 Apr,2022 05:49 PM, by: Manna Mili
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Arunachal Pradesh is a place where you may find all of nature's exquisite arts; a place where you can find tranquilly just by visiting the beautiful land.  Once a year, one should travel to a place where they may leave all of the frantic work of city life to give their thoughts a breather, as it is accurately said. And if you're searching for a spot to get away from it all, Arunachal Pradesh has plenty of options. One of which is a secret little valley called Sangti.

Sangti Valley, a mesmerizingly gorgeous village surrounded by stunning mountains, is located roughly 15 kilometres from Dirang's main town in the eastern Himalayan peaks. The Sangti River, which runs through the area, got its name, and it certainly provides calm to your thoughts. The valley is flanked with kiwi, apple, apricot, orange, persimmon, and other fruit orchards.

The rare Black-necked cranes visit Sangti every year between October and January for breeding. For the Buddhist community, it is a sacred bird  seen as a symbol of peace and love. Legends revious incarnations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama were said to be carried from place to place behind this holy bird. 

Life at Sangti

The Monpa community of Arunachal Pradesh dominates the Sangti Valley. The people in this area are quite friendly. They do, in fact, welcome visitors with open arms. If you come here, they will most likely welcome you to tea and offer you "Ara," a local alcoholic beverage.

The residents mostly live a simple and ordinary life, mostly unaffected by the current metropolitan environment. They usually get up at dawn and go to the temple to pray. During daytime, they work in their field, and in the evening, they live a typical family life away from all the humdrum of the busy city lights. They are without a doubt the most humble people on the planet.

Apart from its picturesque mountains, scenic view of the river Sangti, and eye-catching orchards, the place is also famous for the Brokpa shepherds and their sheep, where you can see hundreds of sheep grazing around the field. The view of which is mesmerising. Only those who visit here can witness the scenic beauty

The Buddhist temple adds to the attractiveness of this region, as the people here are Mahayana Buddhists. Outsiders (including outsiders) are welcome to enter their temple and pray with them. While praying, listening to their humming provides a sense of calm to the mind and soul. You'll also see prayer wheels, which you're welcome to turn. The suspension bridge over the Sangtiriver is one of the obvious sites that will blow your head with its magnificent vista, and as for the view from the bridge, it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Best time to visit

When asked when the best time to visit Sangti is, it can be difficult to say. If you enjoy seeing snow fall, winter is the best time to visit. The most brilliant season, though, is spring, when you can see flowers flowering. It is also possible to visit in the autumn, when the fruit orchards are harvested. Then you'll be able to eat the freshest fruits.

How to Reach

Follow the National Highway NH13 towards Dirang to reach the Sangti Valley. Sangti Valley is 15 kilometres from Dirang and 10 kilometres from DirangDzong, both of which are on the Bomdila-Tawang road. Traveling by individual vehicle is recommended because hired cabs would charge you more to get to your location. If you enjoy trekking, though, you can get there without using a vehicle.

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