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The disturbing trend of Tobacco use among Teens

28 May,2022 06:44 PM, by: Monalisa Gogoi
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Most people are aware that smoking is linked to multiple health risks that can cause irreversible damage to our body organs, and in extreme case may also lead to cancer. It’s usually when a tobacco habit develops, lasting in and out of, and sometimes throughout adulthood, that the damages are more severe to our health. A study reveals that 87% of adults who have developed a habit of smoking daily had tried their first cigarette by the age of 18, and 95% had done so by the age of 21. For the majority of people, tobacco cravings and smoking desires can be very powerful. This findings go on to show that teens are the most susceptible group when it comes to tobacco use, leading to a lifetime addiction in uncountable cases. It is now well proven that the majority of adult tobacco users began smoking during their childhood or adolescence. After the harmful effects of tobacco were discovered, there was a discernible drop in smoking in developed countries. However, the nasty habit has not been completely eradicated, and that’s a problem.

Impact of Youth Smoking

Smoking has an instant effect on a young person's health, but is also tied to long-term consequences. Youth smoking is known to develop serious tiers of nicotine addiction, which gives rise to sustained tobacco use as they grow older. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, raises blood pressure, and puts additional strain on the heart. This includes shortness of breath, asthma, and respiratory diseases.

Influence of the tobacco industry & use of tobacco among youths

Although direct advertisements of tobacco isn’t allowed, the indirect marketing and promotion strategies adopted by these companies have a big influence on the minds of young people, which can compel them to begin smoking. Teens who are introduced to cigarette advertisements (read usage in movies & videos) frequently find it appealing. Use of tobacco in movies are often projected as a ‘cool’ feature attributed to the character seen smoking, which makes this nasty habit appear appealing, and may increase the desire of adolescents to smoke. Admitted, there’s always a disclaimer with placement of tobacco use in any form or platform. Nonetheless, we are conditioned to overlook the warning signs. 

Putting an end to teen tobacco use

Tobacco avoidance is critical for youth's health and future. Family, education institutions, and concerned citizens all have a strong impact on a child's judgements. We can serve to protect people from the dangers of smoking in a variety of ways.

  • Parents should talk to their children about the dangers of tobacco. Your attitudes and feelings can have a significant impact on whether or not your child smokes.
  • If your kid is friends with other children who are known to smoke, discuss ways for him or her to resist peer pressure.
  • Students can benefit from tobacco education and smoking cessation education programmes.

The e-cigarette aerosol

Many tobacco companies now make and supply electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) such as e-cigarettes and vape pen.  Such devices contain nicotine in the form of an aerosol, which is inhaled into the lungs in the same way that cigarette smoke does. However, because nicotine is addictive, and hazardous to developing fetuses (in a pregnant woman), and damaging to adolescent brain development, no young person should use e-cigarettes or any other tobacco product. Although cigarettes can no longer be advertised on TV, radio, billboards, or in youth-oriented magazines, ENDS can.

If you smoke, you should give up. However, giving up smoking can be difficult. Most people who have successfully quit smoking have tried at least once before. Consider any previous efforts to give up as a learning experience rather than a failure.

The Advantages of Quitting Tobacco

There are numerous reasons to stop smoking, such as - 

  • Brings down the risk of early death and can increase life expectancy by up to ten years.
  • Reduces the financial burden of smoking on smokers, healthcare systems, and society.
  • Nobody likes a bad breath (smoking does that). Quitting smoking now will keep your mouth healthy for many years.
  • In case you weren’t aware, smoking also cause damage to your eyes. Quitting smoking can significantly improve your night vision and help retain your overall vision.
  • Quitting smoking will also help you heal faster, as it increases blood flow to wounds, allowing vital nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to reach the wound and aid in its healing.

Remember that doing something to combat the desire to use tobacco is always preferable than doing nothing. And every time you resist tobacco craving, you get one step closer to quitting smoking.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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