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Orchids of Arunachal - Part 5

03 Nov,2022 05:18 PM, by: Posy Lui
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Have you been following our series, the Orchids of Arunachal Pradesh? If you are new here, check out the Orchids of Arunachal - Part 1, Orchids of Arunachal - Part 2, Orchids of Arunachal - Part 3, Orchids of Arunachal - Part 4.  The series highlights the rare, exotic and unique orchids that are found in Arunachal Pradesh, and why the state is known as The Orchid State of India. Without further ado, let's dive into the realm of orchids.


Satyrium nepalense

The Nepalese Satyrium can be identified by its Rose-pink or white-coloured flowers, its flowering season is Summer; from July to September, and can extend to December. It is a rare terrestrial orchid which can be used as a revitalising tonic by consuming the dried and powdered tubers of its plants.

 This exotic orchid belongs to the Satyrieae tribe and its subtribe is Satyriinae from the Genus: Satyrium and the Species: nepalense of the Satyrium nepalense var. ciliatum variety.

 Ecologically, it is a Monopodial plant that has a Terrestrial habitat and can be found at a minimum altitude of 200 m and a maximum altitude of 3000 m in subtropical, temperate and tropical forests.

 Germplasm availability in the state of Arunachal Pradesh is in the East Kameng, East Siang, Lohit, Tirap, Upper Siang, West Kameng, and West Siang districts. Tippi Orchid Centre has its specimens preserved in the centre.

Acanthephippium sylhetense