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Orchids of Arunachal Pradesh -Part 4

08 Sep,2022 06:01 PM, by: Posy Lui
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The orchid family (Orchidaceae) is the second largest family of flowering plants, with about hundreds of genera and some thousands of species distributed worldwide. Arunachal Pradesh is home to many exotic species of orchids and researchers are still discovering new and rare types of orchids now and then.

This blog will cover a few of the orchid species occurring in Arunachal Pradesh. Let's start!

Sarcoglyphis arunachalensis


Sarcoglyphis arunachalensis got its name from Arunachal Pradesh, the region where it occurs. It is also commonly known as The Arunachal Pradesh Sarcoglyphis. It was first observed and collected by Dr A.N Rao. This species of arunachalensis of the genus Sarcoglyphis belongs to the subfamily of Vandoideae under the Vandeae tribe and Aeridinae subtribe.

It can be found in tropical forests and subtropical forests at an altitude of 200m-1100m. The flowers bloom in the Spring season with the flowering phase from May to June. The characteristics of this epiphytic plant are showcased as having a panicle inflorescence with flower size being 1 cm across. Its flowers contain hues of white tinged with rose-purple. Its germplasm availability is in Districts of East Kameng and West Kameng of Arunachal Pradesh and its sample has been preserved in the Tippi Orchid Centre, West Kameng.

Vanda griffithii Lindl

Commonly named Griffith's Vanda, this orchid of the genus Vanda belongs from the subfamily of Vandoideae under the Vandeae tribe and Vandinae subtribe. This species inhabits the Tropical forest and can be found at an altitude of a minimum of 1200m and a maximum of 1800m its flowering period starts in March and ends in June.

 This monopodial plant has an Epiphytic and Lithophytic type habitat. Having Raceme Inflorescence in pale greenish-yellow coloured flowers, the flower size of Griffith's Vanda is 1.5-2 cm across.

Thunia alba