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Assam Sees Rise in School Ratings Amidst Growing Dropout Concerns

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The contrast in the education landscape of Assam is starkly ironic. On one hand, the rising average annual dropout rate in LP schools, soaring to 8.49% in 2022-23 from 6.02% in 2021-22, signals a troubling trend, questioning the efficacy of retention strategies.


Yet, on the other hand, according to a recent evaluation, the percentage of “A+” category schools in Assam witnessed an uptick from 29.02 (12,047) in Gunotsav 2023 to 35.75 (11,592) in Gunotsav 2024. Similarly, the percentage of students receiving “A+” grades also climbed from 38.16 (15,77,966) to 41.37 (16,12,184) during the same period.


The release of results by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma during the mega school assessment exercise, attended by Education Minister Ranoj Pegu, marks a significant event. Approximately 44,000 government schools and their enrolled students were evaluated during Gunotsav held in January-February.


Despite these promising numbers, the overall picture remains sobering, with 81.81% of schools now placed in A+ and A grades, reflecting only a marginal 7% increase from the previous edition in 2023. Moreover, the percentage of “A” category schools barely moved from 45.98% (19,085) in Gunotsav 2023 to 46.06 (14,933).


Notably, the results of schools with fewer than 30 students were not disclosed, leaving an unknown segment untouched by these assessments. This irony underscores the complexity of the education landscape, where strides are made in some areas while challenges persist in others, emphasizing the need for comprehensive and targeted interventions to ensure educational equity and success for all students.

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