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How is Youtube influencing the Youth of Assam?

15 Jul,2022 06:58 PM, by: Prasanta Nath
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There is no doubt that the internet has come a long, long way from how it started back in 1983 (the year officially known as the Internet’s birth year). Today, due to its easy accessibility (and added utility), media consumption over the internet has soared significantly and continues to grow year on year. There’s hardly anything that can’t be found on the internet using our smartphones. Aside from the utility aspect of surfing the net, it’s BIG on entertainment. People are hooked on the ever-evolving online entertainment space - and YOUTUBE is an indispensable component of it. From funny memes to well-researched tutorials (and every other genre in between), YouTube has got everything covered. 

The ingenuity of the brand however isn’t the platform in itself. Rather, it lies with the YouTube creators’ community who have been contributing to the video streaming platform using creativity, innovation, and authenticity since 2005. They are the ones who continue to create well-rounded videos on various genres including learning& motivation, productivity & lifestyle, travel & food, music & tech, and so on.

 Be it for the purpose of learning new things, listening to new/old music, or watching funny videos, the YouTube platform houses an enormous amount of content contributed by different types of creators, utilizing their respective skills & expertise. But it wasn’t until a few years back since the youths of Assam joined the global creators’ community on YouTube and started gaining popularity.

 Since then, several youngsters from Assam have been attempting to establish their respective brands on the popular video-streaming platform, YouTube. But only a few among them have been able to successfully set themselves apart through their unique content creation style.

 Popular YouTubers from Assam

In this blog, we will be exploring some of the famous faces of Youtube from Assam.

1. Dimpu Baruah

Dimpu Baruah is an established name in the Assamese Youtube community. It was Dimpu's comical tone and ability to explain difficult things clearly that made him the first YouTuber in Assam to reach one million subscribers.

 Back in 2017, he was a full-time teacher who felt compelled to teach people difficult concepts in an approachable and humorous way - which led to the launch of his YouTube career. Today, with 1.61 million subscribers on his Dimpu Baruah channel and 2.35 million subscribers on his second channel, Dimpu's Vlogs, he now has two Youtube Creator Awards.

 His first YouTube video, "Nalbari Town by Cycle," received few views, but after a few more uploads he released "Gordon School, Nalbari... Must See,"which was featured by Pratidin Time and helped him gain popularity.

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 Channel Link - https://www.youtube.com/c/DimpuBaruah


2. Harpal Saikia

Harpal Saikia is well recognized for his vines and the common man's daily life he portrays in his videos. Before starting his YouTube journey in 2020, he worked various jobs and has aBA in journalism from Amity School of Communication.

 With 207K subscribers (and counting) in addition to his collaborations with well-liked channels such as"Ene Olp G3,", Heavy Budget” and Zeroth Drama”,  Harpal Saikia also does stand-up comedy gigs.

Harpal Saikia has a huge fan following and has 207K subscribers on YouTube.


Channel Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1zevPL-TCkKn9KAhp4uuBQ

3. Bikash Chetry

Bikash Chetry is the creator of the YouTube channel "I Love Travel & Food, "and has 931K subscribers. Assamese moto-vlogger Bikash Chetry is well known for his travel diaries throughout India.

 Bikash Chetry, who started his YouTube career in 2018, has a large fan base both inside and outside of Assam. He mostly creates vlogs on travel, food, and his exciting motorcycle journeys.

 He has a second YouTube channel by the name"Bikash Factory," where he posts food-challenging videos.

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Channel Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC37vNZg-2CZ4YP9vIl55oag



 4. Bhukhan Pathak

The popular channel Assamese Mixture” was created by Bhukhan Pathak who interviews celebrities and influencers. His channel has an impressive783K subscriber base.

 A young man from Barpeta's small town, Bhukhan began his professional life as a mechanical assistant at a private healthcare center in Guwahati. During the surge in social media popularity, he entered the YouTube space and began uploading videos to his first channel, "Assamese Mixture".

 The channel first concentrated on entertainment and movie-related news, and it eventually began doing interviews with prominent Assamese celebrities and influencers.

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Channel Link - https://www.youtube.com/c/AssameseMixture

It's these people who always remind us that there is no limit to what we can achieve, no matter how difficult the situation is. These YouTubers come from different sectors and work on different aspects of the platform, but they all share one attribute: trust in themselves.

 YouTube is a great platform for showcasing one's skills, and as we can see, it has shaped the mindset of the youths in Assam towards becoming more independent and self-reliant.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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