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The actual matter to be discussed – Kathua, Unnao and Assam

10 Jan,2020 03:20 PM, by: Super Admin
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A lot has been said about inhuman acts doing the rounds over time. The recent rape cases in Kathua and in Assam have only resurfaced the horror; echoing the pain of little girls who aren’t spared. But it’s more disturbing to witness such cases being discussed in context of religion, place and several redundant factors.

A RAPE is a RAPE; religion, caste, ethnicity, dress of the victim, background etc has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Enough has been said on it already, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Beasts who commit such acts are by-products of an oppressed society which tells our boys that ‘objectification’ of women is ‘okay’.

The recent cases have got people talking louder than usual. It is understandable; the pain, the horror it brings to our lives. One shudders to even think that even our little girls are robbed off their childhood, their innocence. But where are we heading at? Are people behind the high desks taking measures towards changing the scenario? Will we be able to end misogynistic patriarchy which is the root cause of it all?

Lack of ethical reporting

Unfortunately, we see people jumping on such ‘opportunities’, twisting the facts and turning around the matter for their own vested interests.  We see media houses publishing news devoid of ethics. Reporters and journalists aren’t sympathetic anymore. A case that should have been solely about delivering justice to the little victims are being stretched further for hyping up engagement.

Given the sensitivity of these cases, it is expected that media and political figures compose their words carefully, with end focus on JUSTICE. But this is a society where ‘news’ is a commodity to be sold to the public. We don’t care about the MATTER; the more content the better. This leads to hasty reporting, chasing after ‘first to publish’ advantage. At the end of the day, the attention gets diverted to ‘other factors’, compromising on the pain of the victim.


Wrong use of social media

They bank on human emotions to paint a twisted picture promoting their own agenda, at the cost of little girls getting raped. Yes, it sounds ugly but this is the truth. It is outrageous, painful and extremely infuriating to witness time and again such crimes being committed. All the more sickening is how people take such incidents and turn them into political vantage point from where they muck one another and thus, completely rob away the sole concern which should be to serve JUSTICE.
Crimes against women of all mannerisms are being committed every hour. In India, 4 cases of sexual assault against women are reported every hour. The case of Asifa Bano in particular is so terrifying because it was a consequence of religious fanaticism which robbed the perpetrators of even the least bit of their conscience and made them capable of such savagery. It is disturbing how people can get so misguided in the name of religion and commit such heinous crimes. But it is important for all to understand that true religion will never let people astray, period. Right now what people need to do is stop the blame game and stress on providing justice and take steps towards changing the future picture.


Although the laws have become stringent especially after Nirbhaya incident, seldom the perpetrators of the crime are seen to be meted with justified punishment. Both the Unnao and Kathua rape cases are now being embroiled in unnecessary political and judicial discourses which is only widening the time scope of delivering urgent justice to the victims.

We believe the time to shout and accuse is long over. Whoever you may be, you have the power to change the scenario. Cases of little victims, elder victims or any victims are only fragments of a bigger, distorted society.

You need change? Do your part and assist everyone (by everyone, we mean E V E R Y O N E) within your reach to do their part to change the scenario. Be someone’s voice, alert the police and NGOs even at the slightest hint of oppression and violence against women, men, babies, anyone. Urge to pass laws, change laws, boycott manipulators; BRING CHANGE.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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