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My Food Tale

10 Jan,2020 01:04 PM, by: Super Admin
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Food is an integral part of our life. The kind of food we eat is also primary to the kind of life we are living. I love food and crave anything that’s hot and spicy. Although my friends will not like sharing my veg delights unless it’s a necessity, I particularly remember all the junk food that I had in Guwahati during my higher secondary days. Reminiscing about that is a total gastronomic cry for the lost cronies. 

The rolls of Pirish (Ambari), the chowmein of (Revati) Nakkata Pukhuri, and the ghoognis of License Bar are the few but the obvious. The dosas were executive then, especially those of Woodlands in Ulubari.  These experiences are my own ‘Anthony Bourdain’ moments. The things which make it memorable and intriguing are the incidents attached.

I remember the story my brother used to tell me about the owner of the lakeside chowmein stall “Revati” known to all Guwahatians as “Nakkata Pukhurir chow”.  The owner had a very humble beginning and started the business on a paltry sum of Rs 100. I don’t know the authenticity of the story but it had to be hard work and the pure endeavour to serve people that created the legacy that so many people like me try to associate with.

Pirish will always stay close to my heart. The first time I went there was on a friend’s birthday. It was a treat and pure delight. I remember this place the most as it was my second dining home. The rolls were simply amazing!!

License Bar(Khanapara) was our den where we had our birthday parties, celebrated anniversaries, held agenda meetings, and cooked up gang plans. It was also a place where we would love to “drown” ourselves so as to “swim out” from the numerous break-ups. We had the most number of stopovers here but I believe the only thing we could take out from here will be the food. Chilli Pork will be the favourite for my friends but I will go with the ghoognis.

There is a reason I still cherish these places and the food because on several occasions I have tried making the same food myself and failed miserably. I am happy that I have not succeeded for not only does it remind me of the unique taste of their cooking and the many memories made over the years but also the fact that these places CANNOT be replaced.

Notable mentions: Momo Ghor, Pizzahut (changed to Pizzeria later), Chinese Hut, UTurn, Dulcet, Shillong Restaurant, Beatrix, Levi, China Town, The Wall, Sunflower, J14, Indraloy, Roxy, Nivedan, The Ashok (especially Sunday lunch) and Paradise.

Please note: As you read some of these places no longer exist in Guwahati as modern pubs, malls, and restaurants take over the city. 

Kamal Singha, the contributor, is currently the Director of Zakti Digital Services Pvt Ltd.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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