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Extending the Age Limit for Tribal ST People in APPSC: A Gateway to Opportunity (ways you can make the most out of it)

06 Jul,2023 05:11 PM, by: Posy Lui
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In a significant move, the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) has extended the age limit upto 42 years for tribal Scheduled Tribe (ST) individuals to participate in competitive exams. This decision has opened up new avenues for the tribal communities, enabling them to pursue their dreams of securing government jobs. In this era of widespread internet access and social media influence, the extended age limit can prove to be a valuable opportunity for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. By utilizing this time effectively, individuals can not only enhance their skills but also gain valuable experiences that will contribute to their personal growth and success.

Embracing the Era of the Internet:

In today's digital age, the internet has become a powerful tool for acquiring knowledge and learning new skills. Individuals in Arunachal Pradesh can leverage this technological advancement to their advantage. It is essential to recognize that age is no longer a barrier when it comes to self-improvement and skill acquisition. People of Arunachal Pradesh can utilize this time to explore various avenues and invest in their personal and professional development. Learning skills such as playing the guitar, practicing yoga, or engaging in hobbies like crocheting or candle making can not only provide personal satisfaction but also open doors to entrepreneurship and self-employment. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed numerous individuals turn their hobbies and skills into successful businesses, showcasing the potential of the digital landscape. The internet offers countless opportunities for learning, and one can find tutorials, online courses, and communities that provide guidance and support.

Acquiring Financial Stability and Freedom:

The extended age limit for competitive exams presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to explore entrepreneurship and start their own businesses. By utilizing the extended age limit wisely, individuals can attain financial stability and independence. Pursuing alternative career paths or starting a business can lead to a stable income flow after a few years. Arunachal Pradesh is known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic talents, which can be harnessed to create unique products and services. The tribal ST population can leverage their skills and creativity to establish ventures in areas like handicrafts, local products. By establishing small businesses, individuals can generate income and gain practical experience in managing their ventures. The knowledge and expertise gained through entrepreneurship can prove invaluable in the long run and even become a stable source of income. This financial stability acts as a safety net and a potential source of pension in the long run. The confidence gained from being financially secure enables individuals to dedicate their time and efforts to preparing for the APPSC exams without any financial constraints.

One can make use of the internet and opt for content creation such as travel vloggers, online thrift stores, handicraft stores, teaching and giving tips from your experience, or even become gaming content creator etc. With the power of social media and e-commerce platforms, they can reach a wider audience and generate income while pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

People are consuming vast amounts of content every day. You do not need to set up or invest in the construction of a physical business, utilize the internet because the world (your potential supporter/customer) is here.

The Power of Gaining Experience & Expertise:

The extended age limit provides a unique advantage to individuals in Arunachal Pradesh. It grants them the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in various fields before embarking on their journey towards competitive exams.

Instead of solely focusing on exam preparation, individuals can engage in internships, part-time jobs, or professional pursuits. By working in different industries, this real-world exposure will equip them with practical knowledge, enhance their problem-solving abilities, broaden their perspective, and build a stable income stream. This experience becomes a valuable asset when combined with the knowledge gained through continuous learning. As individuals accumulate years of experience, they become more capable of making informed decisions, identifying their strengths, and understanding their passions. Such experience can prove to be invaluable, providing a strong foundation for success in future endeavors, including clearing the APPSC exams.

Utilizing Time Effectively Around Late 30s:

Now that you have experience, knowledge, and a stable income, you may want to ultimately try entering the competition for administrative positions so that you can actually bring about a change in the system.

Individuals may express concerns about their ability to study and perform well in exams as they approach their 40s. However, age should not be an excuse to avoid pursuing education or academic aspirations. It is important to remember that success in studying requires concentration, understanding of the language, grasping concepts, and a commitment to consistent effort; and these are skills that can be developed with practice and dedication.

Reading novels can be an effective way to improve comprehension and develop visualization skills, much like watching movies.

Just like watching a movie helps in visualizing a story, modern educational resources, including visual aids, can assist in better understanding complex subjects.

Visual aids and interactive study materials are increasingly being used to enhance learning experiences and cater to different learning styles. It is worth noting that avid readers and novel enthusiasts often display exceptional talents and often excel in their academic pursuits.Hence, by adopting effective study techniques and maintaining a disciplined approach, individuals can excel in their academic pursuits regardless of their age.



The extension of the age limit for tribal ST people in APPSC exams is a welcome change that brings numerous opportunities for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Instead of perceiving it as a roadblock, this is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

In this era of internet connectivity, individuals can make the most of their time by learning new skills, exploring entrepreneurship, and gaining valuable experience. The digital era has bestowed upon us a vast array of resources, and it is essential to make the most of them.

By effectively utilising these resources, individuals can overcome challenges and achieve success in their pursuit of clearing the competitive (APPSC) exam while growing personally and professionally. With dedication, focus, and a thirst for knowledge, individuals in Arunachal Pradesh can overcome any obstacles and achieve their aspirations.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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