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Will Assam fall into the Trap of Misleading Propagandas ?

10 Jan,2020 03:22 PM, by: Super Admin
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Assam the Way We Know it: A Beautiful Symbol of Culture & History

Celebration of seasons, celebration of ethnicity, celebration of ancestral heritage, celebration of life and celebration of divinity … In Assam, a remarkable culture thrives, and its manifestation in the everyday life of the people is a narrative that has long fascinated people across the globe.  This place has significantly added to the “Indian” identity with its diverse contributions – cultural, agricultural and economic.


Progressive thinking has been a feature of the people; and with it, the ability to embrace change in a positive way. In whichever sphere, in whichever community, people have always displayed an eagerness for development and a better aspect of life. The dynamic middle class is a witness to the struggles the generation of people have endured to make Assam an advanced state.

Changing Times Symbolize Possibility, Not Fear

Assam is currently witnessing a new phase of transformation. From being the centre of the Act East Policy, to becoming a global transit point connecting mainland India, the other North Eastern states and South East Asia. Assam is at the juncture of witnessing a radical growth, in fact emerging as a prominent face in the international scene.

From whichever perspective one tends to look at this historically & culturally rich state of the North Eastern region of India, it becomes visible that people have embraced everything with optimism & hope; even resilience has been a symbol of hope in Assam.

Tough times have been the backdrop against which generations of people have witnessed life in Assam. They have seen the arrival of fear, chaos, violence and ambiguity propagated through various agencies as an attempt to break the flow of development and progress of the state. Yet, this has never failed to subdue the indomitable spirit of the “Axomiya Jaati”. Incredibly, harmony, development & possibilities continue to flourish despite all malicious attempts to break the chord of oneness & peace that is a hallmark of the social identity of Assam and its people.

Rising Tension due to Fake Radicalism?

The recent media report of the discovery of 6 flags with the words “IS-NE” written on it in Arabic & English, similar to that of international terrorist organization ISIS, at the old court building situated close to the Town Police out-post in the district of Goalpara has created a situation of panic & fear among the public. This incident has closely followed the news of several youths from various parts of Assam including Barpeta, Nagaon & Morigaon districts joining Islamic fundamentalist outfits, adding to the unrest already brewing amongst the public.

As per media reports, the incident apparently took place just prior to the three-day state level Islamic religious convention or Ijtema  which is happening in the town from Thursday. Moreover, Tuesday night was a special Islamic religious night ‘Sob-e-borat’ when Namaj is performed throughout the night.

The Current Air

The incident has simultaneously built pressure on the law and order maintenance departments of the state and the government, with multiple organizations voicing their opinions about the incident. Some of these organizations include All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU), Satra Mukti Sangram Samiti (SMSS), Goria Moria Deshi Jatiya Parishad (GMDJP) and political parties, including Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) & Asom Gana Parishad (AGP).

While those responsible for this incident are yet to be identified, investigations are underway and all efforts are being made by the police department to find the culprits at the earliest. The involvement of some anti-social elements is also being considered as a possibility.

While opinions may vary regarding the incident, the rising threat of fundamentalist groups penetrating the cocoon of Assam’s secular identity or even the supposed incumbency of the concerned authorities, none of these really helps in stopping problems. Fear breeds psychosis, creates havoc where there is peace & stability, reduces the logical ability to analyze a situation and to maintain a sense of harmony when it is needed the most.

The Need of the Hour

We all agree as to what’s required for stopping such anti social activities, however holding authorities accountable isn’t much of a solution either. Vigilance on everyone’s part & stronger efforts by the authorities is definitely necessary. However, the matter is deeper than this.

There are many outstanding attributes of Assam, and secularism has been one of the strongest. Even the earliest historical references about this state mention it as a place untouched by religious discord. So when disturbing events of separatist ideology & scrupulous misconduct in the name of religion emerge, it is a matter of concern that needs unbiased consideration, besides immediate action to bring an end to it.

While the Assamese community has always welcomed people with genuine warmth, it hasn’t always been so, the other way round. The presence of malicious agencies perpetuating criminal activities, spreading radical Islamic propaganda and anti-Indian sentiments and within our social fabric has increased in recent times. Miscreants from amongst the illegal migrants have been indulging in serious misconduct. In the event of the NRC update process; such incidents have increased all the more.

Radical thoughts are always welcome in any progressive society, however fake radicalism and that too in the name of religion is one of the worst attributes that humanity has witnessed. Backed by elite international organization, often malevolent agencies mislead people with wrong ideological motivation & thereby become a threat to our social stability. They plant the seeds of hatred in the name of religion and compel innocent people to act as their envoys. They are disrupting the progress of our people & distracting the youth from actual matters of concern. The real threat then, is what our youth is getting exposed to, what kind of teaching people are actually receiving & what kind of interaction is happening in society.

In such a situation, it is up to each one of us to maintain our calm & prevent unrest in our communities. Violence & panic distracts us from the truth, and this is what’s being sought by those who seek to harm us. It’s essential therefore, that we think logically & stay alert to prevent all of these attempts from disrupting the harmony of our society.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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