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Check-Out: Popular Influencers of Arunachal Pradesh

12 Feb,2024 06:02 PM, by: Posy Lui
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In recent years, a bunch of really cool influencers have popped up in Arunachal Pradesh, adding a burst of excitement to the diverse world of Indian content creators. These folks aren't just popular locally; they're also gaining recognition and attracting audiences nationally. Now, let's take a closer look at some of the famous influencers and YouTubers who call this northeastern state home.

1.    Monu Deori

Handle: Monu official

Subscribers: 1.21 million (YouTube)

Perhaps the most popular, Monu Bikomiya Deori, hailing from Kumchai Deori Village in Changlang District, rose to fame during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially known for his TikTok comedy videos, Monu transitioned to YouTube after the TikTok ban in India. Coming from a humble background of farmers, Monu faced challenges, including limited mobile network access in his village. Yet his determination led him to travel 7 km by bicycle to upload videos. Trained in Karate, Monu is a versatile entertainer, gaining immense popularity for his mock videos of Indian actor Urfi Javed and collaborations with celebrities like Rakhi Sawant and Bharti Singh. He has also participated in various entertainment shows.

2.    Lenzing Doming


Subscribers: 869k (YouTube)

Hailing from Pasighat, Lenzing Doming is a renowned YouTuber, actor, singer, and influencer. His YouTube channel, 'LENZING WEEKLY,' predominantly features travel vlogs that shed light on the indigenous and traditional art and culture of Arunachal Pradesh. He has also collaborated with fellow influencers to raise funds for various social causes. Beyond entertainment, Doming actively engages in charitable endeavours, exemplified by his generous donation of Rs 5.15 lakh to the fire victims of Longliang village. Doming's versatility extends to music videos, local movies, and collaborations with prominent personalities, like in the recently released Remi-Remi song with former Miss Arunachal, Tengam, and Celine Koyu (who also directed the music video).

3.    Karka Yomcha:

Handle: Karka MR11

Subscribers: 173k (YouTube)

Belonging to the Galo tribe, Karka Yomcha initially gained recognition for his videos focused on social causes and donations. Over time, he diversified his content to include comedy prank videos, tourism features, food reviews, and daily vlogs. Despite facing backlash due to rumours about his personal life, particularly his relationship with he then-miss  Arunachal Roshni Dada, Karka remains an active participant in the entertainment industry. His recent appearance as a contestant on "Roadies of Arunachal Hills: The Adventure Awaits" attests to his continued involvement in the vibrant digital landscape.

4.    Tadi Mra

Handle: Traveller love

Followers: 83k (FB)

Tadi Mra, belonging to the Tagin tribe, is not only a doctor by profession but also an avid traveler. Despite the demands of his medical career, Mra shares his travel experiences, both within the nation and internationally, through his 'Traveller Love' account. His videos provide insights into diverse cultures, hitchhiking adventures, culinary explorations, and the generosity of people. Even though his video uploads may be infrequent due to his medical commitments, Tadi Mra continues to capture the interest of many viewers.

5.    Lily Maying

Handle: Miss No One

Followers: 79k (FB)

Lily Maying, known as Miss No One on social media, represents the Tagin community with her charming and relatable content. A performer, sportswoman, actor, and host, Lily gained fame through her vlogs, which explored everyday activities and introduced viewers to local culture, food, traditions, and destinations. Her straightforward and humorous approach, combined with occasional skits, videos addressing social issues, and collaborations with dancer and influencer Nikum Nabam (her valentine), make her a beloved figure in the digital space.

In a nutshell, with the rise of digital revolution in the state, these influencers from Arunachal Pradesh have not only used digital media to highlight the splendour of the region but have also grown to be well-known figures in the larger Indian influencer market. In addition to providing viewers with an insight into the distinct culture of Arunachal Pradesh, their experiences, stories, and wide-ranging material build stronger electronic communication, hence inspiring and influencing the audience from different walks of life.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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