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Age-old bond between the different ethnic groups of Assam and Arunachal remains unbroken to this day - Chowna Mein

31 Dec,2022 02:00 PM, by: Super Admin
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Assam Moran Sabha hosted the 20th Central Triennial Session at Mohong Village, Bordumsa in Tinsukia district of Assam from December 28 to 30, with the purpose of bringing focus to the need of preserving the indigenous rights of the Moran community members in the state. On Day 3 of the event, Deputy Chief Minister Arunachal Pradesh Chowna Mein was invited to grace the event as the guest of honour. The meeting was also attended by Assam Cabinet Minister Bimal Bora, Margherita MLA Bhaskar Sharma, Sadiya MLA Bolin Chetia, Former Doomdooma MLA Dilip Moran, Assam Moran Sabha President Rajib Borah, Assam Moran Sabha GS Durlav Gohain and various other dignitaries and members of the region.

Speaking on the occasion, DCM Chowna Mein expressed his delight over being present among the Moran community members. Acknowledging the indigenous roots of the community, Mein mentions that the Morans are among the early inhabitants of the Brahmaputra valley, and descendants of the Bodo stock of the Mongoloids. Naturally, they share their cultural heritage with the Bodos, Kacharis and other brethren of the region. In addition, the community also shares sociological and cultural relations since time immemorial with the Tais, Naras, Khamtis, Singphos, and other collateral groups residing in the Brahmaputra valley.

From Balipara in Assam to Itanagar, Siang, Lohit, Namsai, Tirap and Longding in Arunachal, the age-old bond between the different ethnic groups pertaining to both states has remained unbroken to this day. As such, the legacy of the past heritage and history of peaceful coexistence as established by the ancestors of both states must be carried forward with the same zeal.

Reminiscing about the past glory stemming from the shared similarity between the Morans and the Tai Khamtis and Singphos, Mein recalls the tales he heard of as a child about the unmatched expertise of the Morans in elephant catching and training; a shared common interest with his own ethnic clan.

During the meeting, he also spoke about the 7 decades long border conflict between Assam and Arunachal; resolution for which at one time was almost unthinkable. However, circumstances are now favourable, owing to the support extended by the Central Govt. and due to the shared willingness and proactive measures taken by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu. 

Reaffirming the need for a peaceful resolution, DCM Chowna Mein  stated that progress made by both states toward resolving these long-standing issues was made possible after BJP Govt. came into power and paid special focus to the development of Northeast India. Quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mein reinforced the vision of a developed Northeast, for a progressive India.

He also stated that visible progress have been made in the region under the current Govt. Adding on, Mein talked about the increasing number of infrastructure projects being sanctioned by the Central Govt. in both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, as a true indication of the commitment placed by the Govt, both at the Centre as well as in the respective states, towards achieving accelerated growth in Northeast India.







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