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81 Lakh Voters to decide the faith of 47 contestants for 4 Lok Sabha seats in Assam

06 May,2024 01:20 PM, by: Super Admin
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Assam braces for the third phase, which is the final leg of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 for the State, marking a critical juncture in the state's democratic process. The battle for parliamentary representation is intense with both major political alliances fielding candidates in all four constituencies.

On May 7th, the third phase of polls in four Lok Sabha seats in Assam - Guwahati, Barpeta, Kokrajhar, and Dhubri - will take place, with 47 candidates vying for victory. With over 81 lakh voters set to exercise their franchise, this phase holds immense significance.

A total of 126 nominations were received in the four parliamentary seats, out of which only 52 were found to be valid. However, 5 candidates withdrew their nominations reducing the total contesting candidates to 47. Guwahati has 8 contestants, Barpeta has the highest with 14, followed by Dhubri with 13, and Kokrajhar with 12.

Key details of the polls:

Constituencies: The polling will span across Kokrajhar, Dhubri, Barpeta and Guwahati

Voting Time: Polling will kick off at 7 am and conclude at 5 pm.

Electorate: A substantial total electorate of 81,772,07 with women leading at 40,841,30, and men at 41,270,99. Additionally, 112 third-gender voters are eligible to cast their votes across 9516 polling booths.

Security: To ensure a smooth and secure voting process, 60 companies of security forces have been deployed across the four constituencies.

Party-wise Contest:

Both, the NDA (BJP, AGP, UPPL) and the Congress have fielded candidates in all four seats.

In this phase, the BJP's regional allies have a significant stake, focusing on reclaiming parliamentary space for representatives of indigenous or majority communities, a goal made more achievable by the 2023 delimitation.

Residents of Kokrajhar, Dhubri, Barpeta, and Guwahati Lok Sabha constituencies will head to the polls. The ruling BJP is contesting 11 parliamentary constituencies in the state, with its key ally, AGP, contesting two seats, and UPPL contesting one.

Altogether, 47 candidates are competing in the fray for the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections in the four constituencies of Assam.

Notably, BJP is contesting the Guwahati seat, with Bijuli Kalita Medhi replacing sitting MP Queen Oja. On the other hand, Congress has fielded Mira Borthakur, who previously belonged to BJP before joining Congress.

Some other prominent names in the fray include - AIUDF Chief and incumbent Dhubri LS MP Badaruddin Ajmal, who will defend his seat against former Assam cabinet minister and 5-time MLA Rakibul Hussain of the Congress.


Here's a breakdown of the key contests in each constituency:

Kokrajhar: Gorjan Mashahary (Congress-INDIA) vs Jayanta Basumatary (UPPL-NDA)

Dhubri: Rakibul Hussain (INC-INDIA) vs Zabed Islam (AGP-NDA) vs Badaruddin Ajmal (AIUDF)

Barpeta: Deep Bayan (INC-INIDA) vs Phani Bhushan Choudhury ( AGP-NDA)

Guwahati: Mira Barthakur Goswami (INC- INDIA) vs Bijuli Kalita Medhi (BJP-NDA)

Preparedness by Election Commission:

Assam Chief Electoral Officer Anurag Goel assures that the polls will be conducted with utmost integrity and safety. Key arrangements include:

The visually-impaired voters in the state can now cast their votes through the Braille signage features in the EVMs, persons above 85, and those with 45 percent disability can vote from home. Senior citizens and pregnant women will be given priority in voting at polling stations. Those engaged in the election duty in the state are to be covered by insurance and will get free treatment under Ayushman Bharat Jan Arogya Yojana apart from food and lodging facilities.

The outcome of these elections will not only shape Assam's political landscape but also carry significant implications for its representation in the Lok Sabha. As the electorate exercises its democratic right, it is imperative to ensure a smooth, inclusive, and secure voting process. Through robust preparations and vigilant oversight by the Election Commission, Assam's democratic spirit will continue to thrive, reflecting the collective voice and aspirations of its people.


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