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Election Tales - Assam's Nepali Paam Village

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In the annals of extraordinary family tales, Ziona Chana's colossal household in Mizoram has long captured global fascination. However, emerging from the quiet expanse of Assam's Sonitpur district, another family has come under the spotlight, drawing attention to its unique village enclave.


Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Nepali Paam village lies a remarkable community, tracing its lineage back to the pioneering spirit of Ron Bahadur Thapa, a Gorkha settler who ventured into the fertile lands of Sonitpur in the mid-20th century. Ron Bahadur flourished in this riverine terrain with a penchant for agriculture, sowing seeds of prosperity that would yield a bountiful harvest for generations to come.


As the patriarch of a burgeoning clan, Ron Bahadur Thapa's legacy extends far and wide, encompassing over 2500 descendants who proudly bear his name. With 1200 eligible voters among them, the Nepali Paam village stands as a testament to the enduring bonds of kinship and shared ancestry.


Unlike the unified household of Ziona Chana, Ron Bahadur Thapa's family tree has branched out over time, sprouting into 300 individual families inhabiting the village. Reflecting the changing tides of modernity, many of these families have chosen to carve out their own paths, opting for separate dwellings while retaining close ties with their roots.


Til Bahadur Thapa, the eldest son and current village head, reminisces about his father's legacy with reverence and pride. "Our father's vision and hard work laid the foundation for our thriving community," he shares. "Though we may live under different roofs now, the spirit of unity and kinship binds us together."

Indeed, the ethos of familial solidarity permeates every aspect of life in Nepali Paam. Ron Bahadur Thapa's daughters married off and settled nearby, epitomizing this interconnectedness, with all but two choosing to reside within the village vicinity.


As the upcoming Lok Sabha polls loom on the horizon, Nepali Paam emerges as a pivotal constituency, with its 1200 voters wielding considerable influence. With candidates vying for their favor, the village elders, led by Til Bahadur Thapa, hold the reins of decision-making, ensuring that the family's voice resonates loud and clear.


In this tale of two families, separated by geography yet united by lineage, the essence of community and tradition shines brightly. As Nepali Paam's 1200 voters prepare to cast their ballots, their collective voice echoes a legacy of resilience, unity, and unwavering commitment to their ancestral roots.

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