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CM Pema Khandu Demonstrates Commitment to People's Welfare Through Land Compensation Disbursement and Ambulance Inauguration

28 Dec,2023 07:04 PM, by: Super Admin
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In a resounding display of the Arunachal Pradesh government's unwavering dedication to the well-being of its citizens, Chief Minister Pema Khandu recently presided over a public meeting under the Jang circle of the Mukto constituency on December 18th. At this significant event, Chief Minister Khandu distributed land compensation cheques, totaling a substantial Rs 2,40,79,594, reaffirming the government's commitment to addressing the needs of the people.

The disbursement included Rs 94,51,595 allocated for the Yuthembu-Dungse village 132 KV Transmission line project, a crucial initiative aimed at enhancing the region's power infrastructure. Additionally, a substantial sum of Rs 1,46,27,999 was earmarked for the Sela bypass project, emphasizing the government's proactive approach to infrastructural development for the benefit of the community.

Furthermore, in a compassionate gesture towards healthcare accessibility, Chief Minister Khandu flagged off an ambulance generously donated by NEEPCO (North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited). This commendable initiative reflects a holistic approach to addressing the diverse needs of the people, ensuring not only infrastructural development but also improving healthcare services.

The disbursement of land compensation and the inauguration of the ambulance stand as tangible examples of Chief Minister Pema Khandu's dedication to fostering progress and ensuring the welfare of the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh. These initiatives underscore the government's proactive stance in addressing both developmental and healthcare challenges, marking a significant stride towards a more prosperous and well-connected future for the state.

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