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Social Media and the Health Care Industry

24 Sep,2022 06:17 PM, by: Super Admin
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Ours is a small world, made even smaller by the power of digital connectivity. Phones, televisions, computers converge the personal and professional space, making the average person spend a minimum of 5 – 7 hours per day with the world of screens. New benchmarks across all industries, including healthcare has been set by technology; and social media is one terrain that unites it all. 


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Shifting trends and evolving market demands have made it imperative for the health care industry to shift their objectives and approach. While professional expertise is a must in the healthcare industry, having an emotional approach is equally essential. In this context, social media’s role is noteworthy. In the digital domain, knowing one’s audience, understanding audience psychology, optimizing content based on these and subsequent monitoring on an overall basis is at the core of increasing engagement and building a meaningful presence. As a two way communication channel, social media is beneficial for both patients and healthcare service providers.



The internet phenomenon led to the creation of a wide repository of information. And social media’s advent made it even easier for people to access this information. But the presence of unreliable sources leads to generation of incorrect information as well. Nevertheless, since content is at the heart of successful marketing, smart content is key for maintaining a promising and reliable brand presence. Additionally, appropriate usage of keywords and hashtags supports an inclusive social media presence.

For patients, social media is an informative ground that empowers them to know more. User friendly information, trending news and stories, podcasts, videos, infographics, overviews and testimonials on hospitals and medical services all merge to give a comprehensive understanding to a wide audience.

In presenting their individual story, campaigns, news or an innovative approach towards healthcare, social media broadens the scope of having a humane side besides enhancing credibility for healthcare service providers.



·       As an interactive platform, social media has become a potent medium of community interaction.

·       Sharing personal experiences and interacting with fellow patients diagnosed with similar conditions helps patients spread awareness.

·       Participating in polls and surveys enables them to be active participants in an organization’s upgrade process.

·       Sharing testimonials and reviews allows them to positively contribute to a brand’s identity or suggest necessary changes.

·       For service providers, interacting with the audience boosts the very purpose of a having a social media presence. Acknowledging and addressing the audience reinforces reliability and posits a stronger image for them. But in doing so, certain precautions and at times a certain level of stringency become necessary because of the undue attention gained via ‘trolls’, social media harassment and negative feedback.



Social Media is a prominent influencing medium that plays a strong role in shaping opinions. Through social media people can endorse brands, services and experiences by becoming an ‘influencer’ and sharing their perspectives. Recommendations by influencers or socially significant people hold significant value in shaping public opinion. Your social media presence can be influential in leveraging your overall image.




Widely used by people of all age groups, social media makes marketing and communication powerful, time savvy and cost effective. As such, more and more individuals and organizations across various industries are using it professionally. From sharing updates about products and services to building a unique identity, social media has redefined business strategies and customer relationships besides enhancing consumer awareness. And as social media is evolving to meet their specific needs and requirements, so too are industries quickly adapting to the changing dynamics of communication, marketing and branding. 

From medical history to contemporary trends, from ailments to finding the appropriate treatment, from symptoms to healthy alternatives, the health care sector is no longer an unfamiliar terrain for the common man. Removing barriers, social media fostered awareness and accessibility, thereby enabling the health care industry to enhance its services and widen its presence. And as the health care industry transformed its traditional perception through the use of social media, we too broadened our understanding to include an overarching approach in our scope of work


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