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19 Jun,2023 05:56 PM, by: Posy Lui
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Arunachal Pradesh is a region so diverse that it is known for many of its features such as rich biodiversity and untapped natural resources as well as its unique cultural and historical heritage. Still, for centuries, the region has been neglected by global investors for its inability to perform well and generate income in the economic sector. However,  in recent years, the state has propelled its engine to adopt a futuristic lifestyle and compete on par with the current economic scenarios against the other big regions.

One of the missions of Arunachal Pradesh is to boost the overall growth of the region and its inhabitants by utilising cutting-edge technology and adapting to digital transformation. With this,  the main objective is to bring swift, transparent, and inclusive governance through the adequate implementation of e-Governance. The state government of Arunachal Pradesh has taken several initiatives to bring digital transformation and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Beginning of the E-governance Era in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Healthcare sector: CMAAY portal and Medicine From The Sky (Drone) Project

One of the key areas where digital technology has been successfully implemented is in the healthcare sector.

Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the state government has implemented the Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana (CMAAY), a health insurance scheme that provides financial protection to the poor and marginalised sections of society. This scheme has been made available through an online platform (www.cmaay.com), making it easy for beneficiaries to access their health insurance benefits. One can easily access CMAAY through another digital healthcare service tech- Arogya Arunachal mobile App. Also, Arunachal Pradesh is a hilly terrain region which has obstacles leading to inaccessibility to remote regions, therefore, the state government has also launched the Medicine From The Sky project, which aims to use drones to deliver medical supplies to remote and inaccessible areas of the state.

2. Citizens-centric services:  e-service and e-seva portal

In order to provide citizens with greater convenience and efficiency, the state government has introduced several digital services. With the introduction of the e-seva, the platform allows citizens to access various services online, such as applying for certificates and licences, making payments, and tracking the progress of their applications. It features access to more than 100 government-authorised B2B, B2C and G2G services that one can easily avail of the benefit accordingly. Furthermore, the government has also introduced e-services to streamline administrative processes and make them more accessible to the citizens with several administrative features related to official govt-approved documents as well as law and order-related services etc.

3. Administration & Governance:  e-office, CM-dashboard

The Chief Minister's Dashboard provides real-time information on the progress of various government initiatives, allowing for better monitoring and evaluation of their effectiveness. Additionally, the introduction of the e-office system has made it easier for government officials to handle administrative tasks and ensure transparency in decision-making processes. These digital initiatives have lessened the time taken to complete a project, have reduced manual labour, and contributed to a paperless environment in the governance system amongst many benefits.

4. Law and Order: ArunPol Mobile app by Arunachal Pradesh Police

In the law enforcement sector, the Arunachal Pradesh Police has launched the ArunPol Mobile app, which allows citizens to report crimes and incidents directly to the police. This has not only made it easier for citizens to seek help in emergency situations but has also improved the response time and efficiency of the police department. The Arunachal Pradesh Police Department has also utilised drone services for monitoring and surveillance purposes, making it convenient for the police force to be vigilant and quick.

5. Tourist Hospitality- ILP and eILP

The state government has also focused on promoting tourism in the region through the use of digital technology. The Inner Line Permit (ILP) system, which was previously a manual process, has been digitized, making it easier for tourists to obtain permits to visit certain restricted areas of the state. The eILP platform allows tourists to apply for permits online, reducing the paperwork and time involved in the process.

In sum, these initiatives undertaken by the Arunachal Pradesh government not only demonstrate their commitment to digital transformation but also showcase their efforts to deliver efficient and transparent governance to their citizens. One such example is the use of drones for various purposes, such as delivering essential supplies, conducting surveys, and monitoring construction projects. This has not only improved the efficiency of these activities but has also reduced the time and effort required. By embracing technology and leveraging it for the benefit of the people, Arunachal Pradesh is paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future. With the increasing adoption of digital technology, the state is set to become a leading example of how digital transformation can drive growth and development in even the most remote regions.


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