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An emerging leader with a compassionate heart in Meghalaya - Meet Riya Sangma

18 Jul,2022 06:28 PM, by: Super Admin
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It is said that women who set off to achieve their ambitions with a focused mind always emerge as winners in life. It’s true for many successful women leaders across the globe and is true for entrepreneur cum social activist, Riya Sangma who hails from the northeastern state of Meghalaya. A peek into her social media presence will reveal that she has a background in music and is currently positioned as the Secretary of State Mahila Morcha BJP, Meghalaya. With her vocal opinions on developmental matters in the state and her active contribution to the welfare and development of society, Riya has set herself apart as a self-assured, outspoken, and multifaceted local in her home district of Maikhuli, Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya.

Aside from her political career, Riya is the co-founder of a health & wellness center, Bellisimmo Bills. She has been known to take on challenges head-on with a strategic outlook, which helps her in succeeding beyond the challenges and making a difference in society at the same time. Her commitment to social justice and ability to positively impact her local community through resolving issues of the people has led her to become the perfect choice as a people’s representative. 

Contribution to Social Upliftment

Riya’s efforts in creating a positive change in society are both commendable and inspiring to those working in the social sector and for those who seek answers to societal issues and public concerns. She has established several community empowerment initiatives in her own region and is known for providing both financial and voluntary assistance to those in need.

During the incessant rainfalls in Meghalaya, Riya was prompt to visit several affected families whose houses were destroyed in the resultant landslides, and extended support to them. Her charitable endeavors dedicated to the people of Meghalaya and commitment to instilling optimism in the face of adversity are truly inspiring.

As Secretary of State Mahila Morcha BJP, Meghalaya

From interacting with high delegates and officials of the state for discussing state issues along with other executive members of the Morcha including State General Secretary, Geeta Sarin and State President, Judy Surong, to actively participating in programmes & initiatives implemented in the region, Riya has been at the forefront of the state Mahila Morcha BJP in Meghalaya.