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An ensuing Off-Season Travel Calendar

03 Aug,2022 11:59 AM, by: Super Admin
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August and September are one of the most underestimated months for travel. As monsoons begin to recede and make way for clear blue skies and some brisk air, these two turn into a delight of months to make travel plans. But, most people tend to wait till the Diwali holidays to travel, thus, completely overlooking the perks of August-September travel.


We give you reasons why rather than waiting for the holidays to start, pack your bags right away and make August-September your official travel months.


Here’s why –


Fewer Crowd

It is off-season in most tourist places, so the crowd will surprisingly be thin. This becomes a major attraction for travelers who prefer less congestion and loves to enjoy places in their serene quietude. We have all experienced that hullabaloo of the Mall Roads of every hill station ever, haven’t we? It feels like every person on planet earth decided to spend their vacation at the same exact place! Off-seasons thus makes for a perfect time to enjoy some popular travel destination without their usual rush of tourists.


Price Drop

Due to its unpopularity among travelers, the subsequent effect it has is that the prices automatically drop. This is good news for budget travelers as plenty of great deals are available on hotel bookings and flight tickets.



Overall, weather circumstances the world over is quite favorable. In India especially, as the monsoon beats a retreat, it leaves behind balmy days and cooler nights, thus marking a happy convergence of both sunny days and cool evenings.


Now comes the places worth traveling to in August-September –

Valley of Flowers


Valley of Flowers has to be one of the most exquisite places in the world. Situated high in the Himalayas of the Uttaranchal, the valley was for the most part unknown to the world. Only the locals who knew of its existence worshipped the land as they believed it to be inhabited by fairies. Later discovered by three Mountaineers in 1931, the site is now a World Heritage Site. The serene valley is famous for its endemic flowers and unparalleled beauty. Surrounded by snowy mountains, it is truly a magical place, and a trek to the valley in September is going to present you with views that you will cherish for a lifetime.




The stunning Naini Lake gives Nainital its name and the temples and steep forested valley surrounding it adds to its beauty. Nainital is a popular destination in Uttarakhand and is often crowded with holidaying families and honeymooners. August-September sees the number of tourists dwindle which of course makes accommodation and travel less expensive.


The lakes in Nainital make for an arresting sight that one will never be bored of. A trip to Nainital is a wonderful escape to a cozy, beautiful land of lakes and towering mountains which doesn’t stop mesmerizing anyone.