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Unemployment crisis in Arunachal Pradesh: How to tackle it?

15 Feb,2022 05:09 PM, by: Manna Mili
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There is an emerging crisis in Arunachal Pradesh - rise in unemployment among the youths. However, the situation is not just unique to the Northeastern state. Unemployment is one of the major problems in India, with majority of youths struggling to land decent jobs.

It is true that Arunachal Pradesh has been on the limelight as an emerging tourism destination in Northeast India since a couple of years. However, development in the state is still shaping up and currently the infrastructure scenario in the entire state is not adequate to support full-fledged employment for youths. This, along with other pressing factors like lack of proper roads, network connectivity, etc. have contributed to the low economic growth in the state.

What does it take to boost employment generation in a region?

Jobs are generated when new or existing businesses / industries focus on scaling their growth and drive the economy forward. This requires capital investment, infrastructure development, meeting market demands with consistent supply,backed byinnovative technology practices to create new growth vertical in the market. Adding on to the scenario, a healthy competition in the market ensures a push for growth and profitability. The outcome of it is a thriving market with new employment scope for the general population in the region.

Current employment scenario in Arunachal Pradesh

The current rate of unemployment in Arunachal Pradeshstands at 11.1%. Lesser job opportunities offered by the government, lack of establishment of private sectors and above all, an abnormal increase inpopulation are the major reasons why the unemployment rate continues to rise with each passing year. To further add to the complexity, the COVID-19 pandemic closed many doors for businesses in the region. Many companies who had no issues in carrying out day-to-day businesses prior, were compelledto shut down during the lockdown phase. This further pushed the unemployment surge in the region.

Steps to reduce unemployment

Enable companies from outside to set shop: One of the easiest ways to provide employment to the youths of Arunachal Pradesh, is by setting up more industries and allowing big corporations to venture in the state. At present, the locals of Arunachal Pradesh (as is true in many parts of India) consider govt jobs to be the only secured source of income in the region. This flawed concept can be rectified with the advent of big companies becoming operational in the state, thereby offering stable jobs to the youths. In doing so, an array of other employment scope will be generated in the state, such as in infrastructure development, transportation, etc.

Encourage Home Entrepreneurs to grow: As discussed in one of our earlier blogs, there is a good scope for local entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses. The Government has also introduced many schemes, in a bid to promote entrepreneurship in the region, and to bring down the unemployment rate. Proper awareness on such schemes like Start-Up India are required; to help grass-root level entrepreneurs to launch their own companies. Once these businesses scale, and local industries take shape, the state must extend support with strict implementation of preferential buying and preferential pricing.  All government departments and state organizations must compulsorily procure products (and services) from local industries as much as feasible.

Promoting Tourism: With numerous pristine destinations in the state, Arunachal Pradesh has the potential to turn into a major tourist destination in India. On a positive note, a lot of traction has been gained in this sector – from skill development training provided to local youths in tourism domain to construction of homestays and other infrastructures. The key to getting more tourists to visit this spectacular region is by offering greater accessibility and convenience, in terms of roads, transport services, accommodation and food outlets. In this context, several projects are underway in Arunachal Pradesh to build on these parameters.

In the end, without a solution to reverse unemployment, no state or country can walk the path of development. Failure to set up steady employment channels in a region can also lead to emergence of destructive practices such as crime and addiction. The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh has indeed taken quite a few measures to curb the drug menace in the state and introduce policies / schemes / workshops for youths and businesses to avail steady growth. It is now our collective duty to take this matter seriously and make use of every opportunity given to us and put an end to unemployment.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author's. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Critical Script or its editor.

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